Managed Services

Muratek provides a variety of managed services to streamline the IT needs of your growing business. Our managed service portfolio includes: helpdesk, hardware, software, VoIP, cloud storage, and more.


Hardware is the backbone of your office’s work dynamic, but oftentimes, it’s not easy to determine what equipment, brands, and configuration will optimize your workflow. The personnel at Muratek are knowledgeable in all aspects of hardware installation and apply that expertise to helping businesses achieve their goals every day.

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At Muratek, our team of technicians has years of experience in configuring the tools that streamline operations across the world. From the biggest names in brand software to tailor-fit applications developed by our team for yours, a perfect solution for your business is waiting to be found and implemented.

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Muratalk VoIP/Telephony

The development of email and web has dramatically altered the way by which firms operate, but what has Internet ever done for the phone? The answer is voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), a technology which transmits voice over data and offers everything traditional phone has to offer, plus more.

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Help Desk / Tech Support

Businesses’ growing utilization of technology has done wonders for efficiency and productivity. Unfortunately, it has also produced an environment in which the smallest technical difficulty can spell disaster for your team and its goals. This growing dependence on an increasing number of devices can be intimidating without reliable support, but Muratek’s roster of seasoned personnel can quickly identify and solve the most common problems plaguing hardware, networks, popular software titles, and more.

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Stratus Cloud Storage

The corporate world’s increasing dependence on networks has opened up organizations to both opportunities and threats. With Muratek’s cloud service Stratus, you get additional peace of mind with regard to the invaluable data at the heart of your business, while also providing unprecedented flexibility to your staff.

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