Hardware is the backbone of your office’s work dynamic, but oftentimes, it’s not easy to determine what equipment, brands, and configuration will optimize your workflow. The personnel at Muratek are knowledgeable in all aspects of hardware installation and apply that expertise to helping businesses achieve their goals every day. On too many occasions, hardware issues are misdiagnosed to critical fault. Often enough, a minor hardware issue is something that can be fixed instantly with the right approach and tools. At Muratek, our personnel ask the right questions and approach tech support issues with an analytical mind. In our experience, the simplest answers are often the right ones.

Service Level Agreements

Guarantee an endless amount of uptime with a Muratek hardware maintenance agreement. From printers to standalone PCs to complex networking equipment, Muratek’s team of industry-certified engineers repairs the most difficult of hardware problems quickly. Muratek offers inclusive and non-inclusive hardware agreements. A fully inclusive agreement is as good, if not better, than a direct manufacturers extended warranty on parts and service.

Custom Hardware Solutions

We understand that your business thrives most with personalized solutions, and we embrace that notion throughout our philosophy. Hardware is rarely optimized for your specific use right out of the box. Our experienced and fast-moving staff can custom-build desktops, workstations and servers, and configure them to work perfectly for your use.

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