Stratus Cloud Storage

The corporate world’s increasing dependence on networks has opened up organizations to both opportunities and threats. With Muratek’s cloud service Stratus, you get additional peace of mind with regard to the invaluable data at the heart of your business, while also providing unprecedented flexibility to your staff.


Between natural disasters, system failures, and growing cyberattack threats, the economy’s migration to digitally-stored information has not gone without risk. With Stratus, your firm’s data is routinely backed up to our servers, so in the event of catastrophe, you incur zero loss.


In addition, storing your data on Stratus allows for universal access from anywhere with an Internet connection. Whether at home or travelling, you have the comfort of knowing that anything in the cloud can be downloaded directly to your personal device. Pass on the ease of cloud storage to team members and clients by allowing the transfer of large files by simply sending a link.

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