Networks / Infrastructure

Network management constitutes the cornerstone of Muratek’s expertise. Rooted in our technical team’s 15 years of combined experience, our network management model is best described as prevention-oriented and comprehensive and consists of three parts: stabilization and standardization, daily maintenance, and special project management.

First, We Evaluate Your Network

Implementation of our network management model begins with a review of your current network configuration. This review entails the taking of a “snapshot” of the workstation and server environments or initial general network health assessment and is followed by a detailed inventory of all hardware and software. With this snapshot in hand, the Muratek team then conducts a fine-tuning of all systems. Diagnostic tests are run on all workstations and servers to establish a performance baseline.


To maximize performance and simplify future maintenance, a standardized workstation image is created and deployed firm wide while patches and updates are applied to all servers. Having stabilized and standardized the network infrastructure, an on-site technician is then selected to serve as the principle liaison between Muratek and your company. The on-site technician’s two primary responsibilities include (i) identifying and communicating all of your company’s on-going technical needs to the Muratek team and (ii) performing all daily network maintenance functions.

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