Real Time Solutions

From Helpdesk to High Availability, Muratek has you covered!

Our aggressive philosophy combined with our rock-solid service make us your best option. The days of high-priced technology directors and underutilization of corporate assets are over. Muratek takes on the role of your entire IT department. Our consultants make executive level decisions in cornerstone business all over the city. Our technicians are deployed to dozens of businesses each and every day. And the benefits are obvious: There are no housing or payroll fees, benefits, or leave time. The choice is yours, but does hiring a 6-figure IT staff make sense when Muratek’s corporate rates are the most competitive in the industry?

Cloud Services

Safeguard your organization’s invaluable data by routinely backing it up to our secure and regularly maintained servers and best of all, access it from anywhere.


Bring your office phone system into the 21st century with features like call forwarding and synced caller information. Save money by using voice over your existing Internet connection.

Web / App / Software Development

Varying levels of corporate web presence based on your organization’s specific needs. Custom applications for filling in those gaps which big brand-name software cannot.

Networks / Infrastructure

Optimize your network’s workstations, devices and overall performance. Simplify future maintenance. Integrate a Muratek technician into your staff for maximum effect.

Helpdesk / Support

Helpdesk and general tech support during your team’s most demanding hours. Speedy and dependable assistance for hardware, software, network performance, and more.