HIPAA/PCI Compliance

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a federal law that establishes standards for the protection of sensitive patient healthcare information. HIPAA compliance refers to the process of ensuring that an organization's policies and procedures meet the standards set forth in HIPAA. 

Muratek's HIPAA compliance services will help organizations ensure that you are complying with HIPAA regulations and protecting sensitive patient information. Muratek provides the following HIPAA services.

Risk assessments:

Muratek will identify potential vulnerabilities in your organization's systems and processes that could lead to a HIPAA violation.

Policy and procedure development:

Muratek will help your organization develop policies and procedures to ensure that your organization is complying with HIPAA regulations.


Muratek can also provide training to ensure that your employees understand HIPAA regulations and know how to protect patient information.

Audits and reviews:

Muratek will conduct audits and reviews to ensure that your organization is following HIPAA regulations and to identify any areas for improvement.