Muratek's team of technical professionals monitor and manage the IT infrastructure of your organization. Our NOC services include:


Muratek's NOC team monitors the availability and performance of servers, networks, and applications, as well as the status of backups and security systems. They also monitor for any alerts or notifications that may indicate a problem with the IT systems.

Incident Management

When an issue is detected, the Muratek's NOC team is responsible for identifying the cause and working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Change Management

Muratek's NOC team is responsible for managing and coordinating changes to the IT infrastructure, including implementing new systems or making updates to existing systems.

Problem Management

Muratek's NOC team works to identify the root cause of issues and put preventive measures in place to avoid future occurrences.


Muratek's NOC team provides technical support to end users and assists with any issues or problems they may have with their IT systems.